Kingdoms and Classification

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Cells, fungi, mold, bacteria, protists, classification—children explore all of these things and much more in this engaging family-style science unit. 99 pages.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Classification
Lesson 2 – Levels of Classification
Lesson 3 – Discovery of Cells
Lesson 4 – Cell Functions
Lesson 5 – Archaebacteria and Eubacteria Kingdoms
Lesson 6 – Protista Kingdom
Lesson 7 – Fungi Kingdom: Mushrooms
Lesson 8 – Fungi Kingdom: Mold and Yeast
Lesson 9 – Plantae Kingdom
Lesson 10 – Animalia Kingdom

MICROSCOPE: This unit introduces the use of microscopes. In this unit there are several microscope activities. The Botany unit also uses a microscope. The microscope greatly enhances the lessons, but if you do not have a microscope, this unit can still be completed by skipping the microscope activities. A cheap microscope may not work well enough to complete the activities. You can find our top-recommended microscope on (search for model # M150C-I).

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