Complete unit with 14 print-at-home lessons (PDF Download)

Our beloved Marine Biology unit just got even better, and it’s still FREE! Explore sharks, whales, and other creatures of the deep as you discover much more about our world’s oceans in this 150-page Marine Biology science unit. With a stunning new layout including vibrant images, engaging videos that explore marine life, experiment videos to make science even easier to teach, and full-page Grades 7–8 Lesson Extensions, the goal of this course is for children to explore and gain a greater appreciation for God’s creations of the sea. Don’t miss the original read-aloud book pack and grades 7–8 extension book to expand learning and immerse your children in all things aquatic!

Come explore some of the smallest of God’s creations for this planet, as well as some of His largest in this free homeschool science curriculum. This fun unit is a must-have course for your homeschool classroom. Free download is available below!

Lesson 1 – Ocean Characteristics
Lesson 2 – Ocean Zones
Lesson 3 – Tides and Intertidal Zones
Lesson 4 – Marine Life
Lesson 5 – Coral Reefs
Lesson 6 – Marine Invertebrates, Part 1
Lesson 7 – Marine Invertebrates, Part 2
Lesson 8 – Marine Reptiles
Lesson 9 – Fish
Lesson 10 – Sharks
Lesson 11 – Marine Mammals, Part 1
Lesson 12 – Marine Mammals, Part 2
Lesson 13 – Marine Birds and Animal Reports
Lesson 14 – Ocean Exploration


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